Planning For Retirement

If you are about to retire or planning to retire soon, it is critical to obtain sound financial advice. Pensions can be bewildering and the prospect of living on one’s own earnings can cause great anxiety.

“I think my task when discussing retirement with clients is to debunk the myths and to educate so that clients can see that the retirement pot is just one part of the overall package. Perhaps, it boils down to:

    • How much money do I need in retirement?
    • How do I obtain the necessary level of income in the most tax efficient manner?
    • How much risk should I, and could I, entertain?
    • Taking into account the many tax breaks that exist.”

Andrew Longbon, Longbon & Company

Retirement advice is not a one-stop matter. We encourage our clients to regularly engage with us to monitor progress, to discuss and understand any changes in circumstances, to consider the likely future investment returns and to take account of changes in legislation, which can, in some instances, significantly impact planning decisions.

Retirement is an exciting period of life we all look forward to but it can be a journey to get there! We understand there may be concerns or worries when thinking about retiring but with our bespoke and unfettered advice, we help clients who are planning to retire, do so with confidence in the knowledge that all their hard work over the years has paid off.

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